So you want to be an umpire...

How do I learn how to be an umpire?

Prepatation begins in January with in-class training of the rules, the theories behind the rules and their application and enforcement.  These 90 minute classes are taught by seasoned officials through slide presentations, breaking down game film and thoughtful discussion. Rule books will be provided.

Who can umpire?

Men and women age 16 and up can umpire with EFPOA.  Individuals under 18 may only officiate tournament games.

When are games?

Most high school games start at 4:00-4:30 and last around 2 hours. Tournament games usualy begin around 9:00 on Saturday and end around 7:00. Sunday tournament games are usually concluded by around 5:00. As an independent contractor, you can designate what days and times you are available and what days you are not available.

Where are the games played?

EFPOA services some 17 high schools. The majority of whom play their home games on or near their school campus. We travel as far north as Ridgefield and LaCenter and east to Stevenson and White Salmon. Local tournament ball is usually played at the VGSA complex in Salmon Creek.

How much do umpires get paid?

The game fee depends upon the level of the contest. Tournament games usually net around $50 per game. High school games net $54-65 per game plus $18 for travel.

What is the cost to get started?

For high school ball, the state fee is about $130 per year. Local association dues are $50 per year. However, local association dues are waived for first year umpires. Additionally, participation in our yearly high school jamboree will also earn waived local association fees for that year. For tournament ball, different associations charge different fees ranging from $70-150.

Uniforms and gear will also be required. The cost of gear will vary depending on the quality and type you wish to use. Premade "kits" can be purchased online for about $150. Equipment suppliers can be found on our website under "Links". The EFPOA also has a reimbursement program for first year softball officials of upto $150.


We're sure there's far more questions that can be answered by one of our recruiting team.  We encourage interested persons to reach out by emailing us at .